Have you ever met the female version of Gene from Bob's Burgers? Cuz you're about to.

it's Ali, your bulletproof love story photographer

I put maple syrup in my coffee.
I have a real, written bucket list.
I'm inspired by good music + breathtaking views.
I really like boujee breakfast spots,
My husband, Marcus, and I fell in love over hockey.
I'm usually thinking about dolphins.
I'm a potty mouth, but I'll be respectful around your grandma.
My 3 idiot dogs are my entire reason for living.
Most of my favorite movies/shows are animated.
My favorite sound is the one my neighborhood dogs make when sirens go by.
My enneagram is Type 6 - The Loyalist.
I still listen to the same bands I did in 2007.
Some of my youth was spent on a 100 acre farm in Pennsylvania.
‚ÄčI am half hawaiian.
RIP Myspace.

I value science, LGBTQIA+ love, black & brown lives, equal human rights, and kindness

xoxo, Gossip Girl

I got my very first polaroid camera from my grandpa for Christmas when I was really young. I remember running around a house that had orange carpets with a single pack of polaroid film and taking pictures of everyone and everything until the film ran out. When I was living on the farm, I kept busy by photographing the animals and the foliage. When I was in high school, I took photos for the yearbook and school newspaper. In my free time, I took show + promo photos for my friends that played in shitty local bands.
...And then, discouraged at the thought of my passion never really going anywhere, I set down my camera and I didn't touch it for 5 years.
In 2015, I dug my old Nikon out of a drawer and I took it to a hot spring with my best friend. The spark fizzled. In the years following, I started taking boudoir photos of my girl friends as gifts for their significant others. In 2016 Marcus and I started traveling together and the spark caught fire again. We got a new camera to document our travels and learned how to use it together. Then, when Marcus asked me to marry him and we embarked on our own creative wedding planning journey, the fire grew wilder and I gained more confidence. When I told my parents about the photographers I chose to shoot our wedding, they asked me why I wasn't a wedding photographer. I didn't have an answer. They encouraged me to try it, so I started asking questions, second shot a few weddings, offered free sessions to my friends for practice, and then everything started happening really quickly. In the middle of planning my own wedding, I jumped fully in to what is now a full time career as a wedding photographer. I always say I stepped on a treadmill, set it to 110mph and haven't stopped running since.
Every single day I am reminded in one way or another that I was put on this earth to photograph love stories, Nothing has ever lit me up the way little moments of love do and I am certain nothing else ever will.

I fell in love with wedding photography while I was planning my own micro-wedding

Read more + get inspired by my Micro-Wedding here >

If you've combed through my website and read this far, you're probably wondering why I give so many shits about your love story. Well, first of all, I'm a Virgo. Like, very painfully Virgo. Second, it's important + fulfilling to me to serve my humans well. Like I've said before, I want to be friends, and if we hit it off, I will find a way to make you the happiest. That's just how I treat all my friendships, new and old. I describe myself as bulletproof, because I don't complain, and I'm down for literally anything.
I'm one of those, do it the right way and don't take shortcuts kind of humans. Don't get me wrong, I'm pretty chill, but internally I hold myself to a very high standard. I work hard to be a loyal beast. Knowing that I am that for someone fills me up.
Additionally, I am a time keeper. I always have been. Honestly, my memory fuckin' suuuuuuucks, so I've always relied on photos to take me back to places I'd otherwise forget. I've tweaked and perfected my style to maintain the original colors of the day, while still staying on-trend. And I firmly believe that there's nothing better than opening up a huge box of old photos and looking through them with a loved one. The magic of feeling those feelings again is second to none. I want to be the one who takes the photos that you look back on with your future kin. I want to be your time keeper & story teller. It's my life's purpose, really.

my why

let's color outside the lines

eat sushi in japan

waterfall adventure in iceland

canoe in a glacier lake in Banff

hobbit feast in new zealand

see the northern lights

paraglide in the swiss alps

bucket list

10th-14th // Portland, oregon

1st-28th // Lake tahoe, nevada

18th-29th // sedona, arizona

18th-22nd // big sur, california


17th-19th // bodega bay, california

4th-12th // crested butte, colorado






1st-31st // lake tahoe, nevada

30th-2nd // boulder, colorado

10th-12th // yosemite, california

19th-24th // new york, new york


12th-14th // big sur, california

1st-31st // lake tahoe, nevada








2021 travel schedule

our wedding photos by cedar + pines