I want to deliver more than just photos. First of all, I really just want you to look at the photos we took together and say "WHOA DAMN, THAT'S US?! WE'RE HELLA HOT!!" Second, I want to deliver a joyful core memory. You're going to think of the experience you had with me when you look at your photos. So it's very important that we vibe! You deserve to look back on the day and feel the rush of emotions and eternal love for your partner all over again. In order to achieve that, I have to know what's important to you and hold your love story as close to my heart as I hold my own. I want to help with the planning and give you advice. I want you to vent to me when shit goes wrong and you need a new direction. I want you to text me photos of your dress or suit so I can celebrate dat-ass. I want to know how you met and fell in love and the little things that make you tick. I want to chat with your mom about the things that make you special to her and hear how proud she is of you. Because when we do those things, we become friends and when we're friends, I'm able to capture your wedding day THAT much better.

I can also promise you that I'm going to show up with all the humility. Self deprecating humor is how I handle all the scandals of life, so be ready to make fun of me. I love messy shit! I'm a messy person! I accidentally trip over myself at least once a photoshoot and I laugh it off. I hope you'll laugh at what an idiot I am too.

Your experience is everything to me.

You care more about how your wedding day feels than how it looks.
You're totally comfy breaking rules or old-school traditions you don't connect with.
You feel the most alive when you're outside + you respect the outdoors.
You have a bucket list of places in the world you want to explore together.
You’d consider yourself somewhat easy going.
You see a stranger’s puppy + it takes everything in you not to run up + pet it.
You don't care if your clothes get dirty.
You think fruity pebbles + wine are an acceptable adult meal.
You still watch kid movies.
You accept all humans of different skin-tones, shapes, love stories + backgrounds.

you might be my client if

You Might Be My Client If:

I believe in YOUR LOVE STORY, NOT YOUR AESTHETIC. I want your vulnerable side, your messy side, and your "oh shit" side. THERE IS HONESTY IN IMPERFECTION. SO, Strip the PiNteReSt gOaLs and the bullshit, and just show up as who you are AS SOULMATES.

"Even if we hadn’t received any photos, the experience itself was fun for both of us"

Due to my awkwardness, I was fairly nervous to do a couples shoot at first. Ali was perfect though and hyped my boyfriend and me up so much that the camera began to feel natural for us after just a few shots. Even if we hadn’t received any photos, the experience itself was fun for both of us. Who wouldn’t want to get dressed up to kiss their handsome dude in a waterfall?? Ali sent us our album within the week and they perfectly suited our personalities. We were ecstatic with how the photos turned out as well as the variety and amount of photos we received. 10/10 would book again!

- mia + jake

Where are you located?

I live in Reno, Nevada but I am servin' up hot ass pics to all of Lake Tahoe + Northern California. I also LOVE to travel for my couples.

How Many Images Are Included?

I don't guarantee a set number, because it deeply depends on the events of the day. However, I typically deliver a minimum of 50 edited images for every hour of coverage.

Do You Give Out Unedited Photos?

No, I do not. My editing style and attention to detail is a huge part of my art. You deserve the full experience and RAW images are not a part of that.

How Does Payment Work?

I have a handy dandy online system that is set up the second you inquire with me. Through that system, I make invoices and contracts and payments can be made online. I require a $400 deposit and I set up multiple payments throughout our time planning together. The full amount must be paid 2 weeks before the wedding.

LGBTQIA+, cultural, Religious Backgrounds, Etc.?

Excuse my French, but I really fuckin' hate that I have to even put this answer in here. YES. I WANT TO! Weddings and special affairs are the best ways to learn about different cultures in their most intimate moments. It doesn't have to be traditional or cookie cutter stuff. Your love is love is LOVE. I want to soak it all in and learn on the job! Additionally, I would be absolutely honored to capture everything that’s important to you. Whether it’s your person, or your culture, I want to make your day special right by your side.

What Happens If You Can’t Be At Our Wedding?

I would have to literally be on my actual death bed to miss your wedding, but in the events that happens, I have a talented handful of professional photographer allies who would come to your wedding in my place. I would hire the one who fits the job the best and when it was over, they would deliver the memory cards to my death bed and I would edit all the photos with my style and my last dying breath.

What If We Cancel/Reschedule Our Date?

Listen, I operate as a human first no matter what. I want to do everything I can to shoot your wedding/elopement and I don't care what it takes. I just ask for full communication when it comes to the rescheduling process so I can make sure I'm available for the new date/location. If you have to cancel your wedding altogether, I would hang onto the $400 retainer and refund you whatever you paid outside of that amount.

Will You Photoshop Us?

I will edit out blemishes, distractions in the background, and small things, but I don't do retouching in Photoshop. I capture the real shit, not the fake shit. I want you to look like yourself in the photos I deliver.

What Happens If The Weather Is Bad?

The show must go on, dudes. I'm a ride or die, rain or shine photographer unless it's so horrible out we can't have the full experience. If that's the case, we'll pivot to a better plan together.

What Do We Wear To Our Adventure Shoot?

I have HELLA guides and Pinterest boards. If I didn't send them to you when you paid your deposit, I'm slackin' so feel free to call me out immediately.

Wasn't your business name 'the boundys' before?

So, this is a fun story:
When I first started considering wedding photography as more than just a hobby, I was really, really afraid of failing. I didn't feel like I had the confidence or the people skills to do it alone. I would tell my then fiance, Marcus, all about my struggles with wanting something so badly but being so scared to leap. So, he offered to do it with me. We got two cameras and we were a team at weddings for the entire first year of my career. I handled most of everything else (like editing, planning, correspondence, marketing, social, etc.) because he still had a full time career that he had no intention of quitting, but on the weekends we ran the business together.
After the last wedding of 2019, Marcus came to me and said that he really wasn't passionate about photography and the weekends spent shooting weddings were really taxing on top of his full time career in the construction industry. His mental health and happiness is my number one priority, so in 2020 I took on the entire business solo while still maintaining the name. AND IT WAS AWESOME. I love my husband so much for sacrificing his sanity and free time every weekend for months and I truly wouldn't be where I am without him.
At the start of 2021, I completely rebranded the business with just my name - Ali Boundy.
While it may just be me on the front end of the company now, Marcus does a ton on the backend of things too - like cooking all of my meals ;)

What Is Your Turnaround?

For 1 hour Adventure Shoots: 5 weeks
For Elopements & Weddings: 9 weeks

How Do Travel Expenses Work?

Anything over 3 hours from my house: $1 per mile round trip
For the Midwest + East Coast + beyond: The cost of flights and 2 nights stay
For international travel: Let's chat about it! I REALLY want to create with you abroad!

Do You Help In The Planning Process?

I am good, and I mean painfully good at internet research and scouting. I will be there, just a text or an email or a FaceTime away for the entire planning process. I want to be the one you call to vent to when you need it, but also be a reliable resource throughout the planning! I got hella advice,

Do You Photograph Families, Seniors, Etc.?

I typically stick to love stories & couples, but I'll occasionally take on most projects outside of them if I have the space on the calendar. Reach out anyway and if I can't make it work, I'll be sure to refer you to the best of the best instead.

Frequently asked questions

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