Eastern Sierra Mountains | Kyle + Taylor | Winter 2022

Taylor and Kyle will forever be my down for anything, adventure ready, ride or die, favorite muses. This isn’t the first time I’ve called on them to help me fulfill a bucket list shoot, and it definitely won’t be the last.

The first time I visited these hot springs was in 2014. My best friend and I were on a temporary employment hiatus and we took a few weeks to road trip around our home town and see all of the beautiful corners of the Eastern Sierra. I’ve known since 2014 that I wanted to do a photoshoot here. So, this year when I was feeling the effects of burnout, and I wanted to inspire myself again, I texted Taylor and asked her and Kyle to do this with me. They’re not people who love the cold or sunrises, but they were enthusiastically down.

So we spent the night in a cute, firelit AirBnB and stayed up way too late laughing about all the nuances of life. 4:30am came EARLY, but the cold kept us awake.

When we got to the hot springs, there were campers but they hadn’t risen from their sleeping bags yet and we had the whole place to ourselves for the hour. The sun glittered on the steam and we got an alpenglow show – something I’ve always loved about being in the Sierra. Things were steamy and inspiring, and I’m certain Taylor’s ass is bruised from the rocks, but it was all worth it. They helped me fulfill an 8 year vision and I’ll forever be proud of these images.