Tyson + Erin’s Intimate Lake Tahoe Elopement | Summer 2022

When Erin inquired with me, she said her dream was to be in Lake Tahoe with her 2 dogs in a cute AirBnB. She wanted it to be relaxed and adventurous and she wanted it to have a woodsy, vintage, moody vibe. I’d say we nailed it.

We started the day with some photos of Erin and Tyson getting ready with their dogs. They had a gorgeous charcuterie board made for them, and they brought their record player and all their vinyls from home. Tyson zipped Erin into her dress and helped tie her shoes, and the 3 of us headed off to the forest to get them married. They sealed it with a shot of Fernet-Branca – a type of alcohol that is already a little tradition for them. We went and got some giant pizzas, they shared a joint and some wine, and they enjoyed their night together.

Sometimes elopements aren’t as carefree as they seem, but this one was. Erin and Tyson weren’t stressed, they didn’t have any crazy decisions to make or people to please. They were able to just… be.

The day after their elopement, they drove down to Reno and we all went to the Midtown Tattoo for their appointment. They got matching tattoos signifying their wedding date to wrap up their weekend in their forever.