Taylor + Kyle | January 6th, 2021 | Reno, Nevada

I met Taylor on Instagram when she stumbled upon my page through a mutual friend (shout out to Solfern). She ended up hiring me for their engagement session in Lake Tahoe and we were soul sisters the second we met. Plot twist though – that is not this session!

I have never hit it off so easily with a couple before I met Taylor and Kyle. They were easy going, accepting, like minded, and we related to each other all the way across the board. They were super down for adventure, and they didn’t complain about the knee-deep snow on our mile hike once. Also, Taylor is an enneagram 6 and I’ve never actually met another 6!

So when I posted about needing a couple to model for a mentorship I was teaching, Taylor and Kyle signed up to model before they even got photos back from our first session. Not only is that incredibly flattering, but also really telling of our connection. So naturally, I wanted any chance to hang with them again.

For this photo session, they bought new outfits, drove 6 hours round trip, and rented a car to make sure they would make it over the pass in the winter. The amount of effort they put into this for my mentee and I was amazing and I will forever be grateful. Poor Taylor shivered her teeth right out of her head and endured some cold ass high desert temps for us to create this deceivingly warm-looking magic.

After the session, we all went out to get some delicious vegan food, and I literally could have hung out with them all night. I am so grateful for the humans this job brings me close to, but most especially Taylor and Kyle.