Redwoods Elopement and Sunset on the Beach in Humboldt County, California | Eletra + Ryan

When Eletra and Ryan originally contacted me about their wedding, they were going to have a big one with their whole family and all of their friends in Redding, California. Not long before their wedding date though, they changed their minds. Ryan used to live in Humboldt County, California and the two of them have such a soft spot for Arcata and everything surrounding. So, they rented a lovely AirBnB with 2 houses, and they told a small handful of their loved ones their new plan. They also just got a puppy, Dante, and of course he had to be included in everything.

On the morning of their elopement, we explored the neighboring redwood forest together and chose the perfect spot for their nuptials. Then, everybody dispersed with different tasks on their to-do list. I went to find flowers and vegan cheese for Eletra’s bouquet and the group’s charcuterie board. Eletra and Ryan went and got photo ready.

Once they were ready, we all went to the Redwoods, they had a beautiful little ceremony, and everyone went back to the AirBnB for cake cutting, photos and toasts. Ryan works for a phenomenal cake company in Redding called Sublime – they’ve even won Cake Wars. So, Ryan’s bosses made their wedding cake and I have never in my life seen anything like it. It was so special to have something Ryan is passionate about be part of it all.

After cake, we all went to dinner. While their guests ate, we took some photos on the beach at sunset. They romped around, kissing and loving on each other while the sun went down and it was absolutely beautiful.