Hosted by Ian’s parents in Reno, Nevada

Like lots of other 2020 weddings, Keanna and Ian had to change their plan about 3 or 4 times. After a good deal of frustration, stress, and heartache, Ian’s parents offered to host the wedding in their backyard. I honestly can’t think of a more perfect situation. It still had all the beautiful details, and everyone stepped up to the plate to put such an incredible day together for the sweet couple. Almost all of Ian’s best friends are 6 foot one or taller, so putting decor in high places was not an issue. Lucky.

We started with some getting ready moments at Whitney Peak Hotel in Downtown Reno, Nevada. Keanna did a first look with her dad that literally pulled on heart strings.

After that, Keanna and Ian met at a pretty little park for their first look. I personally have never seen a more beautiful bride than Keanna that day, so I can’t even imagine how Ian was feeling.

Once they got some time to catch their breath, we headed to the ceremony at Ian’s parents’ house. Their little dog was the ring bearer *happy tears* and Ian high fived all the dad’s after they sealed the deal with a kiss. Can you imagine anything cooler?

After some sunset portraits/wedding party portraits, they had shotskis with grandpa, booty poppin’, donut cake kissin’, bustle and on the dance floor moments. It was absolutely perfect and so fun to witness.