MacKenna + Julius Forest Wedding + Backyard Reception

Untitled – Knuckle Puck

We all know I’m a huge advocate for doing whatever the hell you want on your wedding day, and this is a perfect example of doing just that.

MacKenna + Julius met at a Pop Punk show. They share a love of the same kind of music, the outdoors, their GSP named Gillie, good food/drinks, and adventure. Their wedding had all of the above.

Portland wasn’t the original plan. They wanted to get married in Tahoe, because Julius’ family lives in Reno and MacKenna’s family was more willing to travel down from Portland. However, there was a big fire at the time of their wedding, so they opted to pivot in an effort to keep their families out of the smoke. So they flew me up to Portland and we put together the best wedding ever.

They got ready in their shared townhouse, then got married in an off-grid forested location outside Portland, Oregon, and finally went to Mackenna’s parents’ house for a “perfectly them” reception. MacKenna did all the florals herself, and they had pop punk playing, catered Thai food, and a boba station. They had their siblings stand up with them, and their closest and bestest were in attendance. It was one of my favorite weddings of all time – truly.

We ended the night with toasts and karaoke and I felt like family at the end of it all. The day was absolutely bursting at the seams with love for them. I love these two and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for them.